African Adventure - Senegal

Region(s): Africa
Location: Francophone Africa
Type: Film Showings, JF App Evangelism
Dates: Nov 3, 2019 - Nov 16, 2019
Cost: $1,125 (airfare not included)
Full Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for this trip.

Come be a part of a unique opportunity to take the gospel to students in a part of West Africa little touched by the truth of Christ.

A coastal people, the Senegalese will welcome us to their country with warm hospitality, despite their poverty.  Religion imported from the Middle East and former European colonization each left their imprints on Senegal, creating both huge need and tremendous opportunity.   While most young people speak French as well as their local dialects, many also speak English and want to practice to aid them in their university pursuits.  A survey of university students, business executives, and various people we met around town showed that 90 percent would like to meet with someone to talk about Jesus.  We plan to take opportunities to share our faith personally, as well as show the JESUS film, and then meet with people afterward to discuss the claims of Christ.  Our efforts will help reach Senegalese people of influence who will reach the nation in the years to come.

Senegal has been called “Africa for Beginners” because of its friendly people and developed infrastructure. If you ever wanted to visit Africa, now is the time!

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