Jesus Film App Evangelism 2019

Region(s): EFL, Oceania, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa
Location: All locations
Type: JF App Evangelism, Conversational
Dates: Jan 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
Cost: To be determined

Explore a new way to open a spiritual conversation. On these mission trips you will learn how to use short films, or segments of a film, that prepare the hearts of non-believers to hear the message of the gospel. A few taps on a smart phone or tablet and you have begun to connect with them in their own heart language.

The Jesus Film Project® app accesses the digital library of the JESUS Film Project®, featuring the films JESUS, Magdalena and The Story of Jesus for Children in full length and in segments, as well as the follow-up series Following JESUS and Walking With Jesus and a catalog of short films. You will have access to the films in more than 1,700 languages!

We will help you select the common languages used in the area to which we are going, so you can quickly start a video during a conversation. You will learn how to ask a follow up question or transition using the digital tools. With these digital tools you are able to effectively share the gospel without having to learn another language.

Use the Request More Info link below to tell us you are interested in one of these trips, and please mention in the additional comment section what months (or season) you are available to go.  Almost all of our trips use the Jesus Film Project app.

  • If you are looking for year-long or career opportunities, click Serve With Us.

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