Golden Harvest - Ukraine

Region(s): Summer Trips, Europe
Location: Eastern Europe
Type: JF App Evangelism, Family-Friendly 10+
Dates: Jul 1, 2018 - Jul 15, 2018
Cost: To be determined
From rolling fields to coastal cliffs, Ukraine beckons with beautiful scenery and warm hearts.  Ukraine was long called the Breadbasket of the Soviet Union. Yet, there still remains a great need for people to experience Jesus–the true Bread of Life. 

Since the 2014 conflict with Russia, foreigners have stayed away from Ukraine. As such, our return will be received with open arms. Ukraine has a rich heritage in Christian traditions, yet many people don’t know the true Gospel. 

Traveling from city to city, we will provide Jesus Film® app training and evangelism alongside Ukrainian Christians desiring to share their faith with their countrymen.

Join us for a fantastic two weeks of seeing God work in His Harvest - a Golden Harvest of His people.
  • This is a family-friendly mission trip - for ages 13 and above, accompanied by their parent.

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