Latin American Adventure - Costa Rica

Region(s): Latin America
Location: Costa Rica
Type: Film Showings, JF App Evangelism
Dates: Apr 2, 2018 - Apr 14, 2018
Cost: $1,320 (airfare not included)
Full Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for this trip.

Cost Rica is a beautiful country with coastlines of the Caribbean and Pacific that span over 800 miles.  The climate is tropical with rainforests, jungles, mountains and volcanoes and diverse wildlife making it a popular tourist destination. 

The country has a long history of Christianity, but the need is great for the people of Costa Rica to have a true personal relationship with Jesus and follow His teachings and values.  One effective way to impact this country is to reach the hearts and minds of its children, and the people who teach the children, with the gospel message of Jesus.  Today, this is being done very effectively with the Project Jesus for Children (PJC) ministry in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. 

Partnering with the PJC staff in Costa Rica, you will be training public teachers how to use a curriculum called Vital Values with Jesus and The Story of Jesus for Children to teach students in grades first through sixth at public school locations in Costa Rica.  As you train the teachers, and they teach their students using the Vital Values with Jesus curriculum and the children’s version of the JESUS film, many teachers and students will hear the gospel for the first time and receive Christ in their hearts and lives.  The common language spoken in Costa Rica is Spanish, but translators will be available if you do not speak Spanish. 

Over the past several years, thousands of students and hundreds of teachers in public schools have been exposed to the gospel and received Christ as their Savior through PJC in Central America.  Those who have received Christ have come to realize what it means to personally know Jesus and follow Him. 

Please join us in Costa Rica and help us continue this effective work in 2018, so that many will come to know our Savior.  This will have a powerful impact in the lives of the people in this country. 

  •  This is a family-friendly mission trip for youth aged 14 and above if accompanied by their parent(s) or grandparent(s).