Latin American Adventure - Argentina

Region(s): Latin America
Location: Argentina
Type: JF App Evangelism, Campus Min., Family-Friendly 1+
Dates: Nov 3, 2017 - Nov 16, 2017
Cost: $1,750 (airfare not included)
Full Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for this trip.

Buenos Aires, the beautiful capital city of Argentina, is considered a top tourist destination featuring European-style architecture.  With nearly half of Argentina’s population of 15 million in Buenos Aires, we will focus our efforts there. 

We plan a variety of activities in Buenos Aires including speaking with university students and venturing out into some neighborhoods.  Using the Jesus Film® app, you will be able to show short films in their language to help open spiritual conversations.  You will learn how to use the app on this trip.  It is a plus if you happen to speak some Spanish, and the tools we use will help bridge the gap.  

Come on this Argentina adventure with us and experience a new way of evangelism.

  • This is a family-friendly mission trip - for ages 1 and above, accompanied by their parent.

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