Conversational English 2018

Region(s): Special, EFL
Location: Africa, Asia and the Middle East
Type: JF App Evangelism, Conversational
Dates: Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Cost: To be determined

To bring the gospel message to people in countries where it is illegal to speak about another religion presents challenges. In these countries the vast majority never hear the gospel without the help of others, so we must be creative. Patience is required to build a lasting ministry in these challenging places.

You don't need to be a professional teacher to participate in these trips, just a willingness to talk. Simply talking with you, hearing an American speaker, is a huge advantage for them. Young people are extremely friendly and open to Americans. Friendships build while helping them practice the English language. 

Using the Jesus Film® app is a helpful way to begin a spiritual conversation. If they feel safe, they may privately ask you spiritual questions. Those who show interest in spiritual things can receive follow-up after the trip.

We are looking for people who are daring enough to go, but also very discreet.

  • Most of these trips will be 2 weeks long, and offered throughout the year.
  • You can search this type of trip as "Conversational" under the trip type.
  • This type of trip is usually for adults only.
  • If interested in this type of trip in 2018, click the "Request more info" link below.
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