South Pacific Voyage

Region(s): Summer Trips, Oceania
Location: New Caledonia
Type: Campus Ministry
Dates: May 18, 2013 - Jun 1, 2013
Cost: $1,650 (airfare not included)
Full Sorry, but we are no longer accepting applications for this trip.

Our South Pacific Voyage will take us to New Caledonia, a beautiful Pacific Rim nation, just off the coast of Australia.  A small island in the French territory, New Caledonia boasts bright blue lagoons, lush tropical forests, and coral seas.  Tribal carvings blended with modern architecture serve as a reminder of an ancient culture and traditions.  An interesting mix of French and South Pacific cultures make it a “land of many faces”—a land of contrast where cities and villages; huts and skyscrapers meet. This archipelago in the heart of the Pacific Ocean is a true melting pot.  Beyond the allure of this beautiful and diverse nation, there is a rich yet troubled history, and a great need.

College campuses there are untilled soil, almost entirely unreached with the gospel.  Just as the apostle Paul’s missionary journeys took him to places where Christ had not yet been preached, this trip will take you to a new location where we will build a ministry from the ground up!  A strategic partnership with one of the largest university campuses in all of the South Pacific has given us an exciting opportunity to take the gospel to students who have their roots in tribal traditions; students unreached by the message of Christ.  We will do this through one-to-one campus evangelism, prayer walking, and implementing the campus “survival kits.”  You will have an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help establish a ministry where no ministry is being done!  As Jesus said, “…the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Luke 10:2, NASB).  Join us as we take Christ where He is not yet known.

  • Currently, we are only looking for participants who speak French.
  • We need 1 or more French speakers to help interpret.

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